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Signs That Your Brakes are Bad

Friday, September 7, 2012
Image Courtesy of Flickr

The warning signs that your car’s disk brakes are bad or beginning to wear are early indicators that you need to have the disks replaced. Pay attention to these four signs of bad disk brakes to avoid an unsafe driving situation.

High Pitched Squealing

One of the signs disk brakes need to be replaced is a high pitched squealing sound when you try to slow down and stop. This sound is caused by a piece of metal which vibrates and makes a noise when the disks are worn down beyond a functional level. The squealing is impossible to miss, it can be heard even with your windows closed and radio turned up loud.

Metallic Grinding Sound

The sound of grinding metal when attempting to stop or slow down while driving is a sign that your brake disks or possibly the rotor is worn down or malfunctioning. Different than the high pitched squealing, this noise will be lower and can seem to be shaking the entire car while it is happening. If you notice is sound coming from your brakes it is a good idea to find a place to safely pull over and call a tow truck. Grinding brakes are on the verge of failure and not safe to continue driving with.

Less Responsive Braking

Another sign your disk brakes may be going bad is a lack of responsiveness when braking. If you notice your car needs more time to come to a complete stop or you have trouble slowing your speed when you need to, you should take your car to a mechanic to have the disks and brake system checked out. Less responsive brakes pose a serious danger and should be not ignored for long.

Brake Pedal Hitting the Floor

A brake pedal which needs to be pressed all the way to the floor boards is a sign that your car’s disk brakes or other brake system component has already failed. This warning sign of bad disk brakes presents itself only after other warning signs have popped up and have been overlooked or unnoticed. The moment you realize your brake pedal is hitting the floor you should stop driving immediately and contact and tow truck.

Properly working disk brakes ensure safe driving. Never ignore the four signs your disk brakes are going bad.