The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

After you've put the research and time into deciding what used car is right for you and your family, it's important to make sure you do what you can to protect that investment. While you're starting with a quality product, there's no way to predict everything that life has in store for you. Knowing that, it's a smart choice to consider a warranty for your vehicle.

Shabana Motors is proud to offer a two year, 24,000-mile extended warranty which can make sure your ride is protected. Here's a few quick reasons you should think about investing in one for yourself.

Peace of Mind

Nobody counts on things breaking or going wrong - but it's a simple fact that no one can predict everything. Having an extended warranty in Houston helps make sure you're as prepared as possible if the unexpected should pop up. It's also worth noting that this helps create a financial peace of mind. You can prevent potentially paying for costly repairs in the future for items that are covered under your warranty, saving yourself a future budget crisis.

Increased Value for Your Used Vehicle

At some point down the road, you're probably going to sell or trade your new car. Making sure you've kept up with fixing or replacing parts as they're needed will make that future car worth more money. When it comes time to move to your next vehicle, a warranty can help make sure you've gotten the most value possible out of your current one. Cars in good shape are simply worth more money.


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