We buy the car.

If you are looking to sell your car, you have come to the right place! Shabana Motors has been purchasing used vehicles from customers since 1979, with no obligation to buy a vehicle from us. Here is how it works.

Optional appraisal.

You can have your vehicle appraised at another dealer so you know the fair market value. We can usually beat this price!

Show it to us.

Bring your car in during normal business hours. Bring your appraisal if you have one.

Cash in.

In 10 to 25 minutes you will have a written appraisal from us. Take up to a week to accept our offer. There are no obligations.

What to bring.

  1. Vehicle title and (if necessary) the lien release.
  2. If title isn't with current owner, it is helpful to have power of attorney.
  3. Photo ID.