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Top Ten Signs You Should Immediately Pull Over

Friday, April 27, 2012
Image Courtesy of Flickr
Every driver should know the signs that their car needs to be pulled over immediately. When one of the following happens while driving, safely pull off the road and handle the issue as quickly as possible.

10. Low Visibility
Visibility issues can be caused by severe weather, a damaged windshield and other unanticipated influences. If you cannot clearly see everything around you, immediately find a place to pull over. 

9. Medical Emergency
If sudden signs of a medical emergency happen while driving, immediately pull over and call for help. The thought of trying to drive yourself home or to the hospital should be dismissed, no matter how close you are. 

8. Warning Lights
Warning lights that appear on your dashboard console like the oil and temperature warnings are meant to point out a problem with your car. Ignoring these lights until you reach your destination can cause engine damage or breakdowns.

7. Unexpected or Loud Sounds
An abrupt noise can indicate a blown tire or malfunctioning engine component. When an unexpected or loud sound is heard you should pull over immediately and investigate what happened. 

6. Steam
Any amount of steam coming from your engine means pressurized coolant is leaking onto the hot radiator. Pull your car over and allow it to cool down before opening the hood to assess the issue.

5. Handling Change
Handling allows you to control your car while driving. If you notice a sudden change in handling, like the wheel pulling to one side or being difficult to move, you should immediately pull over and check out the problem. 

4. Bad Smell
A bad or curious smell coming from your car could be a warning of a larger problem like a gas leak or burnt tire treads. You should safely pull over and try to find the source of bad smells coming from your car.

3. Emergency Vehicle
Always pull over if you are being asked to by an emergency vehicle or police officer. There is no reason or excuse for not immediately pulling your car over for a traffic stop or oncoming emergency vehicles.

2. Smoke
Smoke is a precursor to fire and should be dealt with quickly. Pull over, turn off the engine and try to find where the smoke is coming from. 

1. Fire
A fire in your car can be catastrophic. As soon as you see flames, pull over, exit the vehicle and call for help. 

The top ten signs you need to pull over should never be ignored. Pay attention and deal with these issues straightaway.