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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Image Courtesy of Flickr
Your car is the perfect place to start annual spring cleaning projects. A thorough spring cleaning of your vehicle prevents rust damage, cleans off debris from winter months, improves possible resale values and makes your car nicer to spend time in every day.

Repair & Maintenance

After a long winter, spring cleaning your car should start with a check for needed repairs and maintenance. Road conditions and harsh weather can wreak havoc on the exterior and mechanics of your car. Tires can be damaged by road salt, frost heave and other wintery road conditions. A quick check of tire pressure, tread wear and wheel alignment is the first step in spring cleaning your car. This will ensure comfortable rides and help prevent dangerous flats or blowouts.

Next, turn your attention to your engine. A trusted mechanic can easily check your car’s battery, motor oil levels, air filters and other important engine components for wear, tear or signs of aging. This spring cleaning car project may come with a small price tag if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself but it will keep your car running smoothly and safely.


After you know the mechanics and hardware of your car are in good condition, spring cleaning can begin on your car’s interior. Fill a garbage bag with accumulated trash like soda bottles and junk mail. Things you need in the car should be organized and placed in appropriate consoles or seat pockets. Next, use a vacuum to finish cleaning the interior and remember to stow a small trash bag to avoid future messes.


The final step of car spring cleaning is your car’s exterior. There are two ways to restore the sparkle of a car’s exterior. A drive through car wash can quickly clean, wax and protect a car’s exterior for a small fee. The secondary option is to clean your car’s exterior yourself. At the beginning of spring, on those first sunny days, an afternoon spent cleaning and waxing your car’s exterior can be fun and relaxing. Remember to always clean your car in a shaded area to avoid damaging the paint. Fill a bucket with soapy water and simply get to work washing away winter grime.

Make time in your spring cleaning schedule to take care of the interior and exterior of your car. A few hours spent taking care of your car will make it safer, more comfortable and last for years to come.