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Driving Tips for All Drivers

Friday, October 5, 2012
Image Courtesy of Flickr

The most important part of safe driving is paying attention. Even with all of the safety features built into newer model cars, it is up to the person behind the wheel to maintain alert and attentive driving habits. The following driving tips will help you stay safe while driving.

Never Drink & Drive

It is never okay to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence. Alcohol reduces a driver’s reaction time, seriously impairs judgment and increases the chance a driver will fall asleep or pass out while driving. Thanks to sobriety check points and the increase of officer presence on the roads in many areas, it is more likely than not that you will be caught if you do choose to drink and drive. The consequences for a drunk-driving arrest can include loss of license, steep fines and possible jail time.

Regular Car Maintenance

A well-kept vehicle is much safer than a neglected one. When a regular maintenance schedule is neglected your car is more likely to break down unexpectedly while you are driving. It is important for every driver to maintain good maintenance so they can be made aware of a potentially dangerous mechanical issue before starting the engine. Check oil and fluid levels, tire pressure and brake system health on a regular basis.

Cell Phones & Other Distractions

Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. There are a number of ways a driver can be distracted while driving, the most common and dangerous being a cell phone. Talking on the cell phone or sending text messages is a leading cause of both minor and serious car accidents. Cell phones take your focus off of the road and often one of your hands off of the wheel. Other distractions to avoid are cosmetic application, eating and fussing with the radio.

Defensively Driving

Defensive driving is a culmination of every safe driving tip combined with a general respect for the other drivers around you and maintaining a high level of patience. Be willing to wait in normal traffic delays and avoid aggressive interactions with other drivers. Defensive driving will help you stay out of potentially dangerous situations.

Safe driving habits save lives and money by helping drivers avoid accidents. Keep these safe driving tips in mind while operating your vehicle.